Realpoint’s Building Surveyors contribute to all aspects of property ownership and occupation. With our core business line of technical due diligence and condition inspections, we can advise purchasers on the risks to ownership and occupation of any real estate asset.

Our Building Surveying team is also complimented by other in-house specialists, including mechanical engineers, civil engineers, architects, and measurement experts.

>technical due diligence

When is a technical due diligence (TDD) survey required?

A technical due diligence inspection is advisable for a prospective property buyer, investor, or property owner. Technical due diligence is usually required prior to a property's acquisition, refurbishment, or demolition.

When purchasing a property, you are making a substantial investment. To protect this investment, the purchaser should have a qualified building surveyor conduct a due diligence inspection to assess any potential risks to said investment.

What is included in a technical due diligence report?

 A survey was undertaken prior to the purchase of a building to allow the client to understand the current condition of the building, and future maintenance requirements, including a 10-year cost study to highlight any areas of significant CapEx which may affect the purchase price.

Visual inspection survey and desktop review to help a potential buyer understand the condition of major assets in a property before purchase.

Depending on the extent of the Client’s requirement, Realpoint technical due diligence typically includes but will not be limited to: 

  • Assessment of lease for long-term lease i.e. warehouses, storage facilities etc.
  • Assessment of environmental site factors such as hazardous chemical storage, fuel storage etc.
  • Record data captured from the survey through photographs and data from inspection devices.
  • Noting material building code violations of items, systems, or inherent design that are readily apparent and discernible.
  • Identify the defects/issues, possible root causes, and recommendations for remedial works and actions to be taken.

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