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Budget Cost Estimates

For businesses or individuals unfamiliar with the facilities management procedure, budget estimation service can seem like a money pit After looking at this service's upfront cost, many businesses end their research before getting any further.

But, this doesn’t tell the whole truth about facilities management costs. In fact, facilities management is a service that can save your company considerable costs over time!

We know that there is a lot of confusion and panic out there when it comes to facility management pricing. That’s why Real Point is dedicated to transparency with our facilities management costs structure. Every client is directly involved in creating a facilities management plan that meets their budget and goals.

How much does facility management cost?

When it comes to facilities management, there is no singular facility management pricing structure, or one single approach matching all the needs and requirements.

Facilities management is a service that is highly dependent on a space’s characteristics and clients’ objectives. It’s impossible to provide a cost estimate for facilities management of space before knowing important elements needed as:

How big is the space?

How many employees or tenants occupy it?

What are the client’s goals and budget?

Life-cycle costs

All of these aspects have to be cleared before facility management costs can be discussed in detail.

Usually, the biggest concern the clients are having is the overall cost of facilities management, a concern that doesn’t take into account long-term goals and budget. While facilities management concerns the day-to-day operations of functional spaces, it’s just as important that any facilities management plan takes into account long-term goals, too. This is the only way that effective facilities management can be implemented.

What are the types of cost estimates?

Informational Budget Estimate

This phase is useful for budgeting purposes, to get an idea of the size and timeline of the potential project cost, and for accurate response to jobs at a little cost risk.

budget cost estimates
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Job Cost Not to Exceed Price

This stage is used mostly for moderate-size projects typically under a specific amount of money, with moderate cost risk, and for "fast track" projects that cannot wait for full detailed design completion and for those customers who need to justify the additional cost exposure

Construction Quote

This type is used particularly for larger projects, that have a clearly defined scope of work, and are planned well in advance to allow for design development and detailed estimating, or for those projects that are complex in their technical requirements or construction schedule.

Projects usually require coordination between a number of different areas of Facilities Management. As a standard procedure, projects are evaluated for heating and air conditioning capacities, electrical service needs, plumbing requirements, and interior finishes such as paint and carpet, but not limited just to these aspects.

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