Project Management of Rectific

Managing defect rectification works can be challenging for a number of reasons. Our team offers outstanding solutions to rectify the problem as soon as practicable.

Project Management of Rectification Works

Through this service, Realpoint is aiming to provide complete project management services for building defects rectification work on behalf of the client.

What is the defects liability period (DLP)?

This fixed period of time is usually occurring starting from the date of practical completion, during which the contractor has an express contractual right to return to the site to rectify defects.

During the defects liability period, there are multiple aspects that are happening and one of them is that the contractor usually is returning to the site to rectify defects or complete unfinished work

In these cases, a company is contracted to secure the contractor’s obligations in respect of incomplete or defective work. A well-structured project management plan is created and followed as per the requirements.

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Rectification prior to completion of works

This is done when the defects are discovered prior to practical completion. In this case, the contract usually requires the contractor to rectify the problem as soon as practicable, the cost being covered by the contractor.

However, there are also situations when the client accepts the defects. If the client (known as the principal) decides to accept the defective work without rectification, there may be a change in the value of the work, amending the amount received by the contractor for its work.

Rectification after completion of works

This is occurring when the contractor fails to perform work in accordance with the construction contract, known also as a breach of contract, and entitles the client ( principal) to sue the contractor for damage.

However, most construction contracts include contractual clauses which permit the contractor to rectify defects. The rectification is done in a fixed period of time known as a defects liability period (‘DLP’) and entitles the client (principal) to have a third party rectify the defect if the contractor does not follow the rectification notice. Also allows the client ( principal) to access security or retention to pay for the rectification.

In most cases, any kind of rectification process involves a lot of effort and planning, verifications, and testing, usually requiring a third party involved in the creation, following, and monitoring of the rectification plan.

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