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Handover Snagging &
De-Snagging Inspections (Developers)

Snagging inspections are detailed technical scans of newly built properties, intended to identify any internal and external defects before the contractor hands over the property to the developer. The snagging process is a systematic way of evaluating a property to identify defects/issues such as poor workmanship, incomplete works, or damages that might have gone unnoticed by the contractor and consultant during the construction process.

Property developers should use snagging as part of their handover process before handing it over to end users. It is possible for the property to have unnoticed defects in terms of electrical issues, plumbing problems, or internal and external physical defects. As part of this service, the contractor and consultant ensure that the defects are repaired and incomplete works are completed before the final handover to the developer. As a result, developers could streamline the process of handing over to end users, enabling higher levels of trust and confidence in their developments.

What is a snag in construction?

A property snagging inspection is required by the developer to gain an understanding of the condition of the property and inform the contractor of faults, outstanding works, workmanship issues, defects, potential defects, and any other risks that may prejudice the ownership and enjoyment of the property. A snag could be anything from a chipped tile to a patched paint job, scratched glass to inadequate terminations, missing door stoppers to missing screws to wall cracks etc

snagging de-snagging inspections
snagging inspections

The majority of snags are cosmetic, however, the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) defects are often the most concern. A few examples include an inadequate plumbing connection, insufficient air conditioning, moisture inside walls or doors, and incorrect electrical wiring.

Most of the new build developments are built on a mass scale and although the consultant and the contractors will carry out their own snagging, it’s happening that often are missed things especially if there are hundreds of apartments all with the same specifications and finishes.

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A third party will spot things that the developer/contractor didn’t notice in time prior to completion so that the defects can be addressed before homeowners/ tenants move in.

What is a snagging service? Why it is important to have a snagging inspection?

Realpoint carries out these types of inspections to assist the client in identifying the above issues so that they may be rectified before accepting handover or taking occupation.

Our team of property inspectors is highly skilled and experienced in undertaking such inspections to protect our client's best interests in any property transaction. We offer inspection for all property types, including:

  • Villas and Apartments
  • Residential & Commercial Buildings
  • Retail Units
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Malls
  • Industrial Warehouses
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What is a snagging checklist?

Our professional inspectors will identify all the issues affecting the property, photograph them and compile a comprehensive snagging list so that the issues can be rectified by the responsible party.

The snagging includes (/but is not limited):

  • Initial snagging inspection service (as above) or follow-up on the previous inspection (if applicable)
  • Check the electrical outlets, air conditioning control and supply, and water pressure and drainage, and report any defects
  • Check the property is fit for occupancy at the handover
  • Conduct thermography and socket testing of electrical DBs and wiring.
  • Verify the water pressure at outlets if utilities are connected
  • Images of the snagged property along with location, defect/issue, rating, and making on the floor plan

What is a De-snag Inspection?

A de-snag Inspection is a 2nd inspection or a follow-up of the initial snagging inspection which should be conducted after the consultant and contractor team is confirming that all the previously found snags are rectified. It will help the client to ensure that the defects have actually been rectified the proper way and up to the expected standards.

If you are contracting Realpoint services, you can rest assured that we will perform the inspections to their full extent and in the best way through our Snagging services. Our qualified engineers are trained to focus on each aspect of the property.

With our expertise and previous experience in the construction fields in the UAE and GCC, backed up by our Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) accreditation, we are confident to offer our range of services at a reasonable price and to a high standard.

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