Fire Risk Assessment

Real Point is providing the visual inspection and survey to assess possible fire risk hazards and provide photographic evidence with recommended actions. The survey will identify fire hazards including any areas of concern, statutory non-compliance, workmanship issues, design issues, maintenance deficiencies, potential health and safety risks, and other issues in both active and passive fire detection and prevention systems that may affect the ownership and operation of the property.

What is Fire Risk Assessment?

The purpose of a fire risk assessment is to determine whether existing fire precautions are adequate and properly set up for the overall risks presented or if it requires control measures and additional changes.

Do we need a fire risk assessment?

Every business that wants to prevent fire in the workplace, it’s requiring a risk assessment that can identify what could cause a fire to start, sources of ignition (heat or sparks) and substances that burn, and the people who may be at risk.

At a more detailed level, this kind of assessment will provide insights and information that can be extremely valuable in case of a crisis. A few recommendations might be related to:

  • Providing adequate ways of escape/exit the premises in the case of a fire
  • Outlining clear pathways to exit doors
  • Installing smoke detection systems
  • Maintaining smoke suppression systems
  • Conducting regular fire drills
  • Use flame-retardant materials in interiors
fire risk inspection

What are the general fire safety hazards that can be identified?

As we all know fires need three things to start – a source of ignition (heat), a source of fuel (items that burn), and oxygen:

  • sources of ignition: heaters, lighting, naked flames, electrical equipment, smokers' materials (cigarettes, matches, etc), and anything else that can get very hot or cause sparks
  • sources of fuel: wood, paper, plastic, rubber or foam, loose packaging materials, waste rubbish, and furniture
  • sources of oxygen: the air around us

Can I do my own fire risk assessment?

The answer is 'Yes – nothing can stop you to perform your own fire risk assessment', identifying any risks based on the limited knowledge you have. The idea behind having a professional that can provide the service is to get a complete and detailed report, to see beyond the limits, and to secure a proper valuation as much as a well-done rectification of the findings.

A good specialist can keep your business away from the common pitfalls in the fire risk assessment process. As with any assessment process, there are common mistakes to be avoided.

fire risk assessment
  • Using a generic assessment when a site-specific assessment is needed
  • Carrying out a risk assessment using inappropriate practices
  • Not involving a team of people in the process, extra knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience of a range of people with different perspectives ensures complete coverage of all the fire hazards
  • Failure to identify all hazards
  • Failure to consider all possible scenarios
  • Failure to implement control measures
  • Not using the results of the risk assessment to implement control measures
  • Failing to pass on the results of the risk assessment to those covered by it

If you need more information about the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice, you can find more information by visiting the Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) website at, which gives full details of the requirements for Fire Safety in the UAE.

If you need more guidance and consultancy on the subject, Real Point specialists are well-experienced in providing comprehensive overviews that can help and support you to be in incompliance with the law and regulations and most important- to keep a workplace safe and secure.

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