Property Valuation (Mortgage/

The team can provide you with a range of services to help you make the right decisions about your property. Our services include building inspections, building reports, building surveys, building valuations, and more.

Property Valuation (Mortgage/ Re-mortgage purposes)

We undertake all types of residential real estate asset valuations such as apartments, villas, villa compounds, townhouses, residential and mixed-use buildings, and towers for all interests (Freehold, Leasehold, Private) across all Emirates and MENA region.

A mortgage valuation is for the benefit of the lender. Its scope is limited and it only provides information for the bank to understand whether the property will act as viable security for the requested loan.

However, a mortgage valuation can also give an approximate idea of whether potentially it’s paid too much or too little for a property.

According to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (Rics), the type of survey/report the client gets is concluded by the “lender's risk appetite”. This might be based on the type and construction and whether there's anything that may cause an issue or increase the risk of lending. For an instant, if the property planned to be bought is made of non-standard building materials, the lender/bank is more likely to send a surveyor for a physical visit.

Property Valuation (Mortgage/ Re-mortgage purposes)

What is a property valuation?
Property valuation will simplify the process of valuing a house. Our property valuation professionals will offer you an estimate of the home value, taking into consideration the factors that determine the price of your home. They will check the home’s current and realistic worth in the financial and real estate market for selling purposes and advise you accordingly based on the house valuation report.

Renting a property

This service will help you set fair and economically competitive rates while looking for a tenant and regularly keep up with the price. Since you will have to provide a rental price to your possible tenants, the property valuation can give you a basic idea that will help you set the lease fee.

property valuation mortgage
property valuation mortgage

Compulsory Acquisition

If an individual declares bankruptcy, their properties can be acquired or auctioned if their valuation is done. This helps to determine factors like the base price for the auction.

Investment Analysis

Whether an individual, or business, wants to invest in the purchase of a property, or the construction of a complex, be it a building or business space, the valuation helps the individual or the business to make a decision knowing the exact value of the property they are investing in.

property valuation legal
property valuation realpoint

Legal property problems

If it’s a legal dispute over a property, a detailed valuation of that property can help the business or the individual resolve the dispute, or strengthen their case in court.


Clients trust Realpoint for the valuation of their real estate assets to assist and comply with an application for permanent residency.

property valuation immigration


We provide prompt and accurate property reinstatement valuations for insurance purposes.

Why Do We Value Commercial Properties?

These appraisals and reviews can be used for internal cost allocations, such as risk financing and insurance cost. The service can be used to level set an appropriate value for owned or leased property.

There are multiple other reasons, whether looking to audit, invest, occupy or dispose it is important to understand the valuation process to determine that the correct market value/market rent for an asset is reported, paid, or received.

Our clients rely on our independent exceptional advice to make informed financial decisions for the successful management of their real estate assets portfolio. Our clients include banks, lenders, buyers, sellers, brokers, and private property portfolio owners.

Our Entire Property Valuation Scope:

Mortgage/ Re-mortgage or Secured Lending:

We work with leading banks within the United Arab Emirates as external valuers to provide high-quality accurate valuations for secured lending purposes in line with the RICS, IVS, and RERA guidelines.

property valuation uae
property valuation realpoint

Financial Reporting or Auditing:

We are supporting companies requesting financial statements compliant with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or other internationally recognized reports accredited by the RICS Valuation – Global Standards. We provide valuations for auditing and financial reporting purposes in line with all the guidelines (RICS, IVS, and IFRS)

Property Acquisition / Investment:

Investors are looking to make a profit whether this is through acquiring capital or a rental return, it is important to have accurate insights into the market for a fair forecast. Our team of RICS-qualified valuers provides expert advice on the best strategies regarding the acquisition and disposal of assets with an accurate analysis of real estate sector trends and market intelligence.

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Our team of RICS-qualified chartered valuers provides valuations for litigation, court proceedings, mediation, and dispute resolution.


We provide prompt and accurate property reinstatement valuations for insurance purposes.

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Compulsory Acquisition:

If an individual declares bankruptcy, their properties can be acquired or auctioned if their valuation is done. This helps to determine factors like the base price for the auction.

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