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Project Monitoring

Construction Progress Audit

Condition Audit

Payment Certificate Verification

Independently acting on behalf of investors, funder, banks and government departments Realpoint's Project Monitoring services can make the difference between a sound investment and wasting an opportunity.

As a funder or investor, you need to protect and police your interests by ensuring that projects are delivered on-time, on-budget and to the highest quality.

We bring our expertise to help you minimise risk when financing projects. We make the time to identify your concerns and requirements to be able to then focus on the essential drivers behind your involvement, to identify the critical factors and to plan how to best assure their success.

Increasingly, Banks and Funds also need our advice on the quality, progress and sustainability credentials of their investments and any potential obsolescence issues. With our experience of working on schemes of all sizes across the Middle East we are expertly placed to be able to advise on these matters.

We review the planning, design and construction of developments at every stage of the process to ensure that challenges are identified at an early stage and dealt with efficiently.

As independent consultants, our Project Monitor's focus is upon ensuring the scheme meets your needs. We provide you with the objective advice essential to realise your project aims and objectives.

  • Payment Certificate Verification: Checking and certifying payment requests against actual work on site on behalf of clients.
  • Condition Audit: Visual inspection and survey of projects under construction to ensure that any defects are rectified during the construction phase.
  • Construction Progress Audit: Providing the client with regular update on the construction progress of their project independently of the contractor and consultant.