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Professional Real Estate Consultancy Services

Lifecycle Cost Assessment

Tenant Design Fit-Out Management

Feasibility Studies

Technical Due Diligence

Cost and Risk Management

Cost and Budget Estimation

Pre and Post Contract Administration

Project Management of Rectification Works

As the Real Estate market around the region starts to mature so will the requirements of property owners, managers and operators. These services provided by Realpoint can be customised to suit the ever evolving market needs and requirements for professional engineering consultancy services that are geared towards the operation part of the Life Cycle of a specific real estate asset.

Realpoint offers the following professional real estate consultancy services:

  • Project Management of Rectification Works: Providing complete project management services for building defects rectification work on behalf of the client.
  • Feasibility Studies: Study to help Real Estate owners understand the technical and  commercial feasibility of their planned development or refurbishment.
  • Lifecycle Cost Assessment: Study to help Real Estate owners understand the estimated cost to operate a building post completion for the complete lifecycle.
  • Tenant Design Fit-Out Management: To provide tenant fit-out management services on behalf of Real Estate owners ensuring smooth approval and active management process of tenants fit-outs.
  • Technical Due Diligence: Visual inspection survey and desktop review to help a potential buyer understand the condition of major assets in a property prior to purchase.
  • Cost and Risk Management: Acting on behalf of Real Estate owners providing cost & risk management services for their project work.
  • Cost and Budget Estimation: Providing Real Estate owners with clear cost and budget estimation for their rectification work.
  • Pre and Post Contract Administration: Managing the pre-contract phase documentation and contractor selection and post-contract phase documentation of the project on behalf of Real Estate owners.