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Facilities Management Consultancy

Surveys, Compliance and Risk Assessment

Budget Cost Estimates

FM Policy & Procedure Development, Implementation and Review

Long-Term Facilities Management Strategy

A Facility Management Plan is a site-specific plan that integrates onsite factors that need to be considered, to manage and mitigate risk associated with commercial real estate assets.

Realpoint Real Estate Consultancy provides complete Facilities Management professional consultancy services. Our clients require our services in order to plan, develop and review facilities management strategies, plans and policies.

Realpoint, an RICS Regulated Firm follows international best practice and standards such as SFG20 for standard maintenance specifications, IEEE, CIBSE & NFPA. We are also familiar with and experienced in implementing local legislation including UAE Fire & Life Safety Code, Construction Regulations and Municipal Codes.

Services Provided:

  • FM Re-structuring of Performance Management
    • Realization of the full potential of cost savings and efficiency improvements.
  • Surveys, Compliance and Risk Management
    • To conclude the building's defects and issues requiring immediate rectification. Identification of risks and areas of non-compliance so that they can be dealt with and managed effectively.
  • Budget Cost Estimates
    • To prepare the budgets required to fix the priority issues identified within the building and to implement a planned maintenance regime.
  • Facilities Management Policy & Procedure Development, Implementation and Review
    • To review the current policies and procedures and advise on further development and implementation. Where missing or ineffective we can develop and advise on the implementation of policies and procedures including:
      • Design, develop and execute new process for operational excellence - technical structures.
      • Design, develop and execute internal communications structure - aligning all segments of the business to ensure streamlining of information - internal structures.
      • Design, develop and execute new pricing methodologies for the purpose of improved pricing efficiencies for clients.
  • Long-Term Facilities Management Strategy Plan
    • To help the owners develop their long-term facilities management plan in conjunction with their strategic asset management plan and objectives.