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Building Survey, Inspections and Assessments

Condition Survey

Structural Assessment Survey

Defect Analysis

Schedule of Condition Survey

Dilapidation Survey

Energy Audit and Consumption Assessment

Insurance Valuation Assessment

Humidity Survey and Assessment

Homebuyer's Condition Survey

Commercial Buyer Condition Audit

Measurement Survey and Verification

The Real Estate sector throughout the Middle East suffer from multiple challenges and the services provided by Realpoint under this section are designed to protect the rights of different stakeholders within the Real Estate cycle whether owners, landlords, tenants, property managers or even FM providers. These services are customised to suit the requirements of the project and ultimately, to maintain and/or increase the capital value of the real estate.

Realpoint offers the following professional real estate Building Surveys, Inspections and Assessment services:

  • Schedule of Condition Survey: Visual inspection survey to document the current condition in a photographic schedule to form part of a lease document or for other purposes. A schedule of condition is a factual record of the condition of a property, normally prepared for legal or contractual reasons. Schedules of condition can be prepared for all building types.
  • Measurement Survey and Verification: Inspection survey to measure and verify a building or lettable building space. Intended for internal or personal purposes only.
  • Defect Analysis: Inspection survey including any required intrusive testing and report to ascertain the root cause of any building related defect.
  • Condition Survey: Inspection of the property, to identify all defects and repairs required.  categorising those defects based on urgency and priority for remediation.
  • Structural Assessment Survey: Visual inspection survey, including any intrusive testing, to assess the condition of the structure and providing report with advice for remedial repairs.
  • Dilapidation Survey: Visual inspection survey to document the current dilapidated condition in a photographic schedule to form part of end of lease document or for other purposes.
  • Energy Audit and Consumption Assessment: To help Real Estate owners with recommendations to assess and reduce energy consumption.
  • Insurance Valuation Assessment: An assessment of the total re-build costs of a building and premises to include; demolition, site clearance, professional fees, statutory/utilities fees and other such factors for insurance purposes.
  • Humidity Survey and Assessment: Visual inspection survey to assess the humidity levels, with the use of in-house equipment, in a building and report with recommended actions.
  • Homebuyer's Condition Survey: Visual inspection survey to help a potential buyer understand the condition of a residential asset prior to purchase.
  • Technical Due Diligence: A survey undertaken prior to the purchase of a building, to allow the client to understand the current condition of the building, future maintenance requirements including a 10 year cost study to highlight any areas of major CapEx which may affect the purchase price.