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Asset Register and Tagging

Collection of Asset Information

Creation Of An Asset Register

Asset Tagging

It is vitally important that owners and building managers have maintenance carried out in a planned manner for maximization of budgeting and scheduling. However, in the UAE many owners and managers do not know what systems their buildings contain or how they should be maintained, particularly in view of missing as-built drawings and 

Operation and Maintenance manuals.

An asset register/list is an important part of any building management plan. In simple terms it is a list of elements that brought together construct a building but usually this is not created during design or construction. In order to be an effective asset register it needs to have sufficient information and technical detail including but not limited to description, photos, tag number, technical data, warranties, location etc.

Realpoint’s technical team are experienced in developing detailed asset registers and maintenance plans for all types of real estate, adopting COBie standards if required. Our technical expertise can help owners and building managers to effectively operate and maintain their assets saving on repair and maintenance costs.

  • Collection of Asset Information: Visual inspection survey to ascertain building asset condition and collect asset information and data.
  • Creation Of An Asset Register: Documenting collected building asset data into an asset database register to help Real Estate owners manage their buildings.
  • Asset Tagging: To link all building assets to the asset register by physically tagging all assets with related bar code tags.