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Government, Statutory and Judicial Real Estate Professional Services

Progress Construction and Progress Monitoring

Third Party Inspections

Strategic Consultancy

Dispute Verification Surveys and Inspections

Building Quality Inspections and Verification

Economic expansion throughout the Middle East is driven mainly by Real Estate sector expansion to fulfill the demand of a growing population and wealth. As the expansion occurs different government sectors will require inspections either on a regular basis or ad hoc basis but also will require strategic consultancy to enable them to deliver on their targeted expansion. 

Realpoint offers the following professional real estate services for Government, Statuary and Judicial purposes:

  • Progress Construction and Progress Monitoring: Inspection, audit and report back to the authority on the construction progress of projects and expected completion dates, identifying any corrective actions.
  • Third Party Inspections: Inspection, audit and report back on different government requirements relating to the built environment and related matters.
  • Strategic Consultancy: To provide different government departments with strategic consultancy relating to the built environment and related matters.
  • Dispute Verification Surveys and Inspections: Inspection, audit & report to different government departments regarding real estate and construction disputes between various parties.
  • Building Quality Inspections and Verification: Inspection, audit, report and certification on building quality issues on behalf of different government departments.