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Property Consultancy

Getting the most from your property, ensuring costs are controlled and opportunities maximised, requires a robust and well considered property strategy. A strategy that spans the lifecycle from acquisition to disposal and includes running and maintaining the asset through to dilapidations, exit and future contingencies. 

Often developers, property owners and property management firms don't have sufficient resource to develop and maintain such a strategy and, as such, opportunities are missed, such as generating cost savings or aligning a property with specific asset management plans.

This is where Realpoint’s experience and property consultancy skills come in. We provide property owners, developers and property management firms with our experienced professional teams through a highly skilled manager who is able to guide and support your top management with their property portfolio on an ‘as-and-when-needed’ basis. This enables your property to benefit from our multi-sector experience and resources when needed, yet not pay the associated overheads of permanent staff.

By identifying and releasing the value trapped within a property portfolio, we work with you to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all aspects of your property portfolio. Doing this can transform property performance and significantly add value.

A property strategy will be different for every situation and should align with, rather than lead, your ambitions. We can assist with reviewing working and occupational practices and re-engineering services and facility costs. This may also involve strategic advice on enhancing building space and implementing effective planned maintenance. You may also need sector specific strategies such as a retail or industrial portfolios, hospitality acquisitions and improvement and refurbishment schemes.

Our strategic advice with ‘on-the-ground’ practical support will ensure that property assets are utilised to their optimum level for your specific needs and have a positive impact on the value of your assets.