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Building Audits/Surveys and the role they play in your safety.

Date Posted: 04/07/2013

Once again the outbreak of a fire in Dubai has sparked growing concern about the quality of not only the buildings we live in but also the quality of the maintenance being carried out on these buildings. Recent fires in JLT highlight the risks that residents and Owners Associations are exposed to should the building not be built in accordance with current building codes and not maintained to a suitable standard.

Many Owners Associations are led to believe that they are receiving the highest standard of service when it comes to the maintenance of their buildings. They have also invested in a building which they believe has been completed and handed over to the highest quality and in full accordance with the statutory regulations.

But how are these Owners Associations and Investors to know that they are not receiving what they have been promised and paid for but are actually receiving a liability? How are they to establish that the maintenance they receive is carried out as effectively and efficiently as possible? How are they to know that the building they have invested in is riddled with faults and has not been delivered in accordance with statutory regulations? Without the technical expertise of a Building Surveyor it is very unlikely that you will know what risks you are being exposed to.


Have a RERA Technical Building Completion Audit carried out on your building by a suitably qualified and experienced firm whom have the correct license to carry out the Audit. There are several firms in the market who are capable of providing this service but lack the track record of successfully guiding an OA through the process of the Audit and simply provide their clients with a report detailing the building's faults and the OA's liabilities and no answer on how to resolve them. Onvizio Consultancy and Property Inspection however is a company who can deliver a professional technical audit and hold the clients hand through the process.

Onvizio's Chartered Building Surveyors are well trained and very experienced in property inspection and are therefore best placed to carry out all types of building inspections. We not only helped in the formation of the standard for the RERA Technical Audit but also have a proven track record for assisting our clients through the technical audit process and delivering safe buildings and well performing assets.

The following diagram illustrates how Onvizio's strategy for carrying out inspections can assist you to deliver asset performance. The RERA Building Completion Audit and Inspection completes many of the initial inspection requirements to initiate effective asset management.


As depicted in the image above Onvizio is not simply a property or home inspection firm but provide whole building life cycle services such a Reinstatement Cost Assessments for insurance purposes, Facilities Management Consultancy, Sinking Fund Analysis, Asset Register Collection and many more.

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