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How The Costs Of Owning And Operating Buildings In The GCC Are Being Managed.
There is very little or no GCC defined standards, codes or regulatory requirements for lifecycle costing of built assets to be carried out. Unfortunately therefore the majority of GCC projects are carried out with no consideration to the lifecycle costs a

Dubai's First Buildings Pass New Quality Test
The first RERA registered buildings in Dubai that have been independently quality inspected by Realpoint have passed the quality standards established by RERA.

Dubai's Banks Gain A Competitive Advantage
How UAE Banks are gaining a competitive advantage...

Building Audits/Surveys and the role they play in your safety.
Once again the outbreak of a fire in Dubai has sparked growing concern about the quality of not only the buildings we live in but also the quality of the maintenance being carried out on these buildings.

The Importance of Carrying Out a Home Survey.
In the UAE only a very small amount of the property transactions are carried out by buyers that take out a home survey. This is an extremely high risk strategy given that the majority of property in the UAE has been rapidly built and the quality ...

Guinness World Record Verification
Realpoint/Onvizio the official measurement verifiers for the Nissan/ Usain Bolt, Guinness World Record's largest illuminated indoor sign at Dubai International Airport

Understanding BIM
Here is a useful clip to help you understand the Building Information Modeling (BIM)

New International Measurement Codes
For a long time in Dubai and elsewhere internationally there has been confusion over the different methods and standards used in building measurement.

Realpoint provides a comprehensive Reinstatement Cost Assessment  valuation service for insurance purposes.
The majority of buildings we inspect and audit do not have insurance provisions in place or are under-insured.

Realpoint Leads UAE Standards For Home Inspection
With input from best international standards including those from the Royal Institution Of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and Dubai's Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) Realpoint has now developed 6 standard types of due diligence home and property insp

Dubai's Top Building Defects
Dubai is a city that has been rapidly developed. It's skyline is impressive and has record breaking buildings including the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa being the most famous. Dubai is a relatively new city in terms of high rise cons